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"I love experimentation. It enables me to play in other people's backyards. " (revised from Terry Speed's famous speech on statistics)

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Writing blog is my hobby, which is the way to share ideas with others throughout the world because of the Internet's magic. The English blog was born in 2009, 3 years later after I established my Chinese blog in 2006.


If you would like to see more about my background, please see my Linkedin.

If you would like to contact with me, please send an email to:

CloudlyChen[at] (here [at] means @).

17 thoughts on “Liyun Chen

    1. cloudly Post author

      Have you already read both of my Chinese and English blogs? Thanks a lot!!!
      This blog focus more on academic stuffs, so I don't expect that you like it. Knowledge is easy to learn, so I believe that you will surpass me in the future!

  1. Josh

    it's amazing you did all above in four years. I didn't cover fields that much. I major in Automation, in SJTU. did you cover programming like data struc, OS, java, or just script and database as you've mentioned?

    1. cloudly Post author

      Hi Josh,
      I did a little of these things I mentioned above; however, I only needed them, e.g. C, HTML, JS, etc., for my work, so I didn't go that further into these subjects. I learned data structure and DMS for the exam, so are some other skills. Therefore, for sure you know far more than me in either subjects. Maybe I shouldn't put all of them here anymore - I haven't really programmed for a while. After all, it is not my major, so I cannot put all my energy on them. The only reason that I keep them here is that if one day in the future I really need them, I would be able to pick them up quickly - at least, I have a basic idea with what's going on.

      Thank you so much for visiting my webpage, and also thank you for the advice.

      1. Josh

        Of course you should list them all. I've been in Barcelona when I was a exchg student in France. Amazing city indeed! with beach and futbol, El Barca. I love your blog as I am an amateur in Economic and love to go to Barcelona. keepmoving 加油

        1. cloudly Post author

 english blog is purely academic... nothing really interesting. Barcelona is nice, although I don't really have time to enjoy it. That's life - maybe I'll miss Barcelona soon..

          1. Josh

            Well, don't push yourself too hard. you don't have to rush too much, while ignoring current happiness and beautiful things around you.In china, we're all overwhelmed by success, which is really not that important. I think in Spain and Europe, better to enjoy your life, sure it's good to focus on academy, but you don't have to be 牛逼 right now,right?

          2. cloudly Post author

            Thank you 🙂
            Actually I'm writing my graduate thesis now, and that's the only reason why I'm a little busy...Yes there is no hurry for life.

          3. Josh

            interesting to me actually ur blog, but I dont quite get along with annoying maths and models. does everything have to be maths model? I think it should always be a way to make it easier and friendly, as Mankiw did, wot do u think?

        2. cloudly Post author

          Hi! From my own view, economics is economics, and math is math. We utilize math models in economics only in order to make things more clear and logically. However, what dominates should still be the economic thoughts, rather than math techniques. Moreover, I believe that every economic model (at least the main idea) should be able to interpret solely by words, although necessary proofs should be done with math.
          I think I have talked about this topic on my Chinese blog... You may want to have a look at it there instead...

  2. CrazyChris

    Great job! I also graduated from Shandong University(2009, major in Mathematics), right now I worked in Shanghai for a financial information media. We had similar experience except that I didn't go abroad for a Graduate Certificate, instead I got one from SJTU(frankly speaking, that experience had little help). Honestly, I have similar career objectives and skills as you. Very nice to know an alumnus so outstanding.

  3. Wenyu Cheng

    Several months ago, I followed a post describing study and life at BGSE on gter. Until today I found that post was actually written by you...
    I cannot remember when and how I first followed you here, but then I followed your CV format, I also applied for and received a BGSE offer...
    Today, I read many posts on your personal website... This makes me respect your efforts and admire your accomplishments (a GPA of 8.4/10), but really doubt my ability to survive in the hellish 9-month MSc Economics at Barcelona, somehow they offered a full tuition waiver, though...

  4. Kewin

    Hi Cheng,

    What an impressive experience in economics and data science ! You rock it.

    I am willing to develop an open-source course for economists in data science.

    Would you be interested to review it and suggest me some improvements ?

    This task would take you one hour every Saturday.

    You can contact me at

    Best regards,



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