The difference between studying math and economics

These words were written down while I was driven crazy by the theorems and their proofs in functional analysis. Just some jokes for fun. Merry Christmas!

Title: The difference between studying math and economics

  1. Studying economics will make you confident about your IQ, while math will destroy all of you beliefs about your IQ.
    Deduction 1: If you failed in studying economics, please doubt your textbooks and teachers; if you failed in math, please suspect your IQ first.
  2. While you are proving a economic theorem, you can simply persuade yourself that "these conclusion are driven from math" so you can easily prove all of the theorems with the presumption that some conclusions are true; while you are trying to give a proof for a mathematical theorem, the author is doing his best to find the most basic assumptions and there is a long and meticulous proof waiting for you...
    Deduction 2: Creativeness in economics in easy, since you can add an assumption anywhere you need; however, it is really difficult in math, since you cannot make any additional assumptions if unnecessary.
  3. Studying the basic->intermediate->advanced level of economics is like building a house: the introductory level teaches the basic economic principles (build the framework); the intermediate level tells you how to analyze them with graphs (walling); the advanced level force you to use mathematical tools to prove the familiar principles strictly (decoration).
    However, in math, it is like taking down a house: you should drop all decorations first with calculus; then find its frame with real analysis and functional analysis.
  4. While studying economics, you should play with the dirty data in the real world everyday; when studying math, you can ignore anything in the real world and close yourself in your silent room.
  5. Dealing with data in econometrics, an economic student will go shopping -- list all available econometric models and try them one by one; a math student will offer "VIP" custom service -- design a particular model according to the nature of the data.

Anyway, there are only some jokes just for fun! At last,

Merry Christmas!

One thought on “The difference between studying math and economics

  1. sujay

    hi !
    I wonder if you can help me. I trying to find out if studying only math or only economics is better or taking a dual math and eco program is better.
    Having studied and now working , what would your take be on this. If you woudl be kind to give me your feedback.


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