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Barcelona under the wind

Today it rained a lot. I haven't seen this kind of heavy rain and strong wind here for a long time. Usually, in this kind of bad weather, I would not leave my warm room. However, it is the exam season now so there are a lot of works to do. Among all tasks, I have to go to campus and discuss the research proposal with one classmate. Actually we have found an attractive topic and are trying to combine economics and psychology as close as we can. Then, with the game I designed, no idea how to solve it... That is to say, some assumptions should be simplified in order for us to get a very good intuition about what is going on. It is a pretty interesting process, and we are really enjoying it.

Well... since I had to go to campus, I left my room in the afternoon under the heavy rain as normal. However, when I passed the twin building near Port Olimpia, the cloud above my hear shocked me. The last time that I saw cloud at such a close distance was last summer when I climbed the famous Mount Tai before came here. The difference is that, last time I was out of the city, so I was well prepared for the natural's magic; but this time, I was not expecting anything. Then, I could not stop myself from taking a turn to the opposite direction from school and go to the beach. The wind was really strong at that time, and the sea was not peaceful at all, compared to how it usually performs - actually I don't understand why the sea here is so peaceful. The waves were trying to show its anger, which had been stored for months. Although I had an umbrella in hand, it did not help at all. My shoes got wet, the mercyless rain drops hit me from every possible angle, and the wind blew as a crazy man...

I do not know which side of the sea I should love more. It was too peaceful as nothing would make a difference, so there would be no surprise. However, when it gets mad, I do not know whether I can stand the pressure. At least, I have seen both sides of the sea, and fortunately I did not miss it. That's fine than none.