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Time difference

Wandering on the Internet... aimless...

Today is Barcelona's holiday. While every citizen is enjoying their lives around the city, I have to stay in the library and work on problem sets. One, by one, by one. Like an endless sequence, since new one will continuously  enter the sequence... The only balance is to let it stay within a certain length. No way out.

Reading Chinese news report like a habit. However, when eyes are hurt by the sharp world "7th, march", the feeling of time stress comes back. Yes, time difference... Every time when I see the Chinese time, a sense of "extra precious time" follows. 7 hours late, so before the real deadline, there are still 7 hours.

Get used to chat with friends from different time zones, living in different cultures and holding different opinions. Tons of works to do, and the agenda notebook is always filled with new events. Sometimes I only want to escape from the modern digital computer world, so I bought the real notebook and draw my life with a simple pencil. However, life is still there, there... It cannot really change anything, and the modern life requires you to keep catching up as much fast variant thing as you can.

Two research proposal in two weeks... don't even know where the ideas come from, but at least I have got something to write fortunately. Social network... sometime I was too energetic for it to realize the fact that without SNA the world is still running. Therefore, what's the point? I don't know.