New experience with LyZ!

Today I find a wonderful plugin for Zotero and LyX. In fact, it integrate Zotero and LyX via LyXServer. Therefore we can cite the reference stored in Zotero more easily!

From the author's website, its main features are:

  • Inserting citations to LyX from Zotero.
  • BibTeX database automatically updated when citation is inserted.
  • BibTeX database can be updated when the references in Zotero are modified.Get Zotero
  • Custom BibTeX key format.
  • Unique BibTeX key check.
  • Synchronization of BibTex keys between LyX document, BibTeX database and LyZ.
  • Editing of master/child documents (the same BibTeX database) and multiple documents (different BibTeX database for each document).
  • Persistent association of LyX documents and BibTeX databases.
  • Support for group cooperation.

They are really cooooool, aren't they?

After an easy installation, I start my journal with LyZ.

How easy? See the screenshots!



Sorry these screenshots are noted in Chinese. In fact if you are looking for more details about it, you can either visit the author's webpage (in English) or see my Chinese blog:

  1. a brief introduction
  2. Chinese translation of its official explanations.

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