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1 hour on the Platform

Last Monday I listened to Peng's (Peng Shige) Lecture about the measure of financial risks. Similar to previous lectures, there are numbers of official news reports. However, I'd like to share my personal feeling with you.

I have no better choice but to admit that Prof Peng is really an authority, not only because of his great contribution to the professional field of mathematics and finance, but also for his zeal of research and the wonderful explanation of his thought.  He has the ability to make the only an hour's lecture magic, to lead us fall in love with his "nonlinear expectation operator". It is a pity for me that after having stayed for numerous years in SDU, I know nothing about Peng's research. I think without long time precipitation of thought, it is impossible to have such deep realizations.

One word he mentioned that night really impressed me, it was: dirty work. Nowadays there are so many dirty works that make us apathetic.

Today I have said too much just because last Wed's afternoon I had an exercise class of intermediate microeconomics for one hour as a TA. I was confident about my knowledge of micro economic theory, since I could understand the book called "microeconomic theory " by Mas-Cololl,Winston,Green as least. But when illustrate these with my words and make them clear to the audience, I learned the hardness of the process. I spent more than 5 hours in front of my computer on making the handout. Since pictures were helpful, I installed Illustrator and Flash to make the visual effects better. I was willing to use these as supplements to help them understand the economic thoughts behind the mathematical formulas. Although time is needed to examine whether I have succeed, I'll work on. Personally speaking, intermediate microeconomics is too important for the whole development of the economic study.  At least, I have already achieved my initial goal, which is also the reason I used to persuade my advisor to leave me this chance: to examine my knowledge of intermediate microeconomics.

The next class will be two weeks after, and I have to work hard to prepare. I just hope that my advisor won't be disappointed about his decision and trust, and also for those who take time to attend the class it is worthy that time. At last, I have no excuse to fail. It is really worthy that much.
In the end, and also on the one-year's memorial day, I want to speak out these words: I'll do whatever in return to your guidance.

Thank you so much, dear Yue, my advisor.

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