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NO.2 Will "Shan Zhai Pin" (the bad productions made by household workshop) take place of good-quality goods?

  • Idea:
    Like "Lemon Market", "Shan Zhai Pin" has a lower standard of quality with a lower cost, so if it cannot be easily distinguished from good-quality goods, then there will be the situation like "bad money drives out good". I'd like to try to analysis this topic through Agent-Principal Model and make a prediction.
  • Process:
    Not started yet. No further ideas.

NO.1 Can Holding More Academic Lectures Lead to More Papers?

  • Introduction:
    Now more and more schools are eager to improve their academic rankings, and one important index is the papers released. Several ways can be helpful, such like employing more stuff and hold more lectures and conferences.
    Here we use data of economic schools from more than 100 top universities in China and estimate the correlation between lectures and papers.
    At present, only 2 simple regressions are made, and more possible advanced researches are mentioned in the last part.
  • Some improvements can be done in the future:
    1.The panel data contains the amounts of papers during a long period, e.g. 20 years from 1989 to 2009
    2.Select data of different provinces or parts of China and compare them.
    3.Calculate not only the quantity but also the quality with using different weighing rates of different journals.
    4.Expand the research to other field, such like schools of biology, history, mathematic, physics, and chemistry and so on, to show that whether it remains the same in all subjects.
    5.Compare to the US, UK and other countries and figure out the differences and reasons.
  • Process:
    First version finished on 2009.3.22.
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    Data (email me if you need)