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install Rodeo on OS X El Captain

Today I try to install Rodeo in order to use python for data analysis on my macbook. It is a new macbook (and the New Macbook) so I started everything from scratch. I installed Anaconda as recommended and then I installed iPython notebook. Everything worked fine.

Then I tried to start Rodeo, hmm, error message: "Bad news. Rodeo cannot start".

What can I do? I searched on the internet but found nothing. I can use both ipython and python from my terminal so I thought that could not be a problem. Then I made a guess - there must be something wrong with environment variables. I tried to echo my environment variables from the terminal:

It looks fine to me. Then I opened Rodeo again,  discarded the error message,  and opened its preference tab. Wait, I can specify the python I want to use here, and by default it is /user/bin/python! So I tried this python,

Apparently, my macbook somehow comes with python 2.7. I changed the python path in Rodeo's preferences tab to /Users/Liyun/anaconda/bin/python and restarted Rodeo. This time it worked perfectly. Well, I guess for whatever reason Rodeo is trying to use the old python although I have installed Anaconda for it.

about GDP

Happen to see this:

In nominal terms — the most appropriate measure when judging an economy’s global impact — India’s output is one-fifth that of China’s. India makes up a mere 2.5 per cent of global GDP against a hefty 13.5 per cent for China. If China grew at 5 per cent annually, it would add an Indian-sized economy to its already hefty output in less than four years. Saying India can match this is like saying a mouse can pull a tractor.

Then quickly checked China's GDP data...almost doubled since 6 years ago? (2009-2015). It is not just the math thing... not only add another India, China has already added another Japan-size economy. But wait, what does GDP mean for everyone?

That's like the question I had when I was wandering in streets in Tel Aviv...How should we account for economic growth? Especially for a big and quite unbalanced economy like China. My generation is not feeling stable -- so many people have to leave their hometowns to make a life either in Big Three (Beijing or Shanghai or Guangzhou/Shenzhen). Given another decade, how much worse could it even be?

Also wait... when US was at 10T China was not even 2T (2002)... now China/US is 10/17. Who can conclude that India cannot grow like China?

Israel: Full of Adventures

It took me a while to come up with the best title to describe my past 15 days experience in Israel... Finally I was inspired by "full of ingredients" and just a little change -- full of adventures.

I think I am the kind of person who loves to travel alone. I seldom make a travel plan -- last time when I traveled to Tibet and Nepal I didn't even book a round-way ticket. That's the unpredictable part of traveling: I don't know what's going to happen, so everything is a surprise and I enjoy the process of discovery.

This time to Israel was in fact better organized. It was a business trip; otherwise it would be very hard for me to get a visa to Israel. I had to stay in office on workdays; but that was not too bad either, because I could chat with Israeli colleagues and learn from them. Of course weekends were my adventure time.

600 KM Drive

The most remarkable day was the second Friday (Sunday-Thursday are workdays in Israel), when I drove 600 km by myself up to the north. Haifa, Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights. I watched the most beautiful moon-rise in my life when the moon rose up from mountains over the Galilee Sea. I could not stop myself from constantly driving around Sea of Galilee until the sky went completely dark and my GPS kept correcting me to the right route back to Tel Aviv. It was too amazing to be rational. Time flew without awareness.

Moon rise at the Galilee Sea

Moon rise at the Galilee Sea

When I walked to a Cafe on top of the Bahai Garden for a short afternoon tea, it turned out to be a coincidence that a painter was drawing a painting that very similar to me! I wish I was in a long light dress so I could have matched the painting much better!



The painter and her painting.

The painter and her painting.

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